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TrenchPlay is the official Google Chrome extension for the free video game portal of the same name. Thanks to this extension, you can enter TrenchPlay with just a click, giving you faster-than-ever access to its great content.

The TrenchPlay portal has hundreds of free video games for both Windows and Android. Most of them are independent, but there are also some powerful Free 2 Play games for windows, and even some of the biggest titles made for Android, like Angry Birds Star Wars and Temple Run 2.

All of the games have direct download links with no waiting, no system crashes, and no problems. And there is information about each to read before you download, with images, video, and a short review. So you can do your research before you go wild downloading everything in sight.

TrenchPlay is a simple application that gives you access to a growing catalog of video games with just a click.
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